Key Facts

  • Conservative projected ROI of 293%
  • Equates to an annualised return of 26%
  • Data independently verified
  • Bamboo already planted and thriving
  • Fixed investment cycle of 15 years
  • Experienced on-site management team
  • Investment from $55,000

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8 Year Bamboo Eco Investment - ROI forecast over 145%

Turn £34,200 into £192,000* UNCAPPED

The ideal ethical forestry investment, the world's first 15 year bamboo package from our established partners offers annualized forecast returns of over 26%.

An exceptional opportunity to invest in a fully operational Central American Bamboo Plantation; leased plots are available from £34,200* for a hectare with investors able to benefit from the commercial exploitation of the planted bamboo.

Bamboo - The Timber of the 21st Century

Bamboo as a commodity has thousands of applications, including as a bio-fuel, a food and a fabric for clothing, but the most important and profitable application is as a substitute for tropical hardwoods in timber products.

We all know that our natural tropical rainforests are shrinking at a frightening rate and that the world's population is expanding at an equally rapid pace. The global forestry industry is valued at $1.7tn and forecast to grow by 53% by 2020 (Timber Trade Federation October 2011). Bamboo is the sustainable solution to this booming demand for global timber, taking pressure from illegal logging, deforestation and unsustainable forestry.

*US dollar based investment. Exchange rate calculated on 08/10/12

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